Our Services

Tube Well Projects

Kadence Blocks provides a powerful row/layout block that makes building dynamic responsive layouts possible with Gutenberg! Build with powerful backgrounds, overlays, and row dividers.

Food Drive for Needy Families

Kadence Blocks provides a unique advanced heading block that allows you to assign any google font right in Gutenberg. Plus you can adjust sizing and control it responsively based on screen size.

Scholarships for Low Income Students

Kadence Blocks provides a smart icons block that allows you to choose from over 1500 icons. You can set the size and style  then add inline so you’re only ever loading the icons you use on the front end.

Upcoming Events-2033

TASMINA has a variety of events planned for the upcoming year. Make sure to look out for the oncoming programs and benefit drives that are set to take place soon, including the Annual General Meeting, the 2023 Youth Program, the Membership Drive, School Supplies Drive, Building our Community Center Project, and more. As we enter into 2023 inshaAllah, we hope to fully carry out these events in order to help better the lives of our brothers and sisters in Sri Lanka, as well as make events engaging for both the youth and adults of our own community. For anyone who is interested in becoming a member of TASMINA, you can register by contacting the following email with your name, phone number, and email: info@tasmina.org.